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Name: Hurtsel
Age: ??

Affilation: Dark Jedi

*Hurtsel loyal only to Emperoir Palpatine, Hurtsel manipulates members of the Republic from afar. He worked on several genetic manipulation projects, one of which had became 'lost' to him.*


*Republical Senate Building*

*In a room in a far wing of the premesis(sp?) Senators are being forcably kneeling on the floor with stormtroopers points their rifles at the backs of their heads. The Sith walks in with is brood of trained lackys.*

Senator 1 "Hurtsel, I should have known someone as disgusting as you would have pulled enough strings here."

Hurtsel "Quite talkitive aren't we? You see, you senators I don't need to, sway decisions made in the senate, how ever I don't need even more is a bunch of fools who don't know their place in the galaxy, thats why I want you all vote also vote in favor, to lessen the divided Senate."

Senator 2 "What makes you think we will do your biddings!?"

*In walks in Kurt, with a snarl on his face.*

Hurtsel "It took you long enough dear boy, what took you so long?"

Kurt *Speaking in a different tone the usual* "I was killing these fool's familys, got quite messy."

*Worried looks fill the faces of the senators.*

Senator 4 "You monster!"

*Hurtsel laughs gleefully.* "My dear Senators, I believe we came to an agreement here! Have a good day."

*Hurtsel and Kurt leave the room. After Hurtsel and Kurt enter the transport, Kurt calapses grabing his head.*

Kurt "Argh! Damn kid! Argh! Hurtsel, these people aren't supposed to be trained in the ways of the Jedi!! Argh! The boy's mind keeps wanting to get control again!!"

Hurtsel "Kurtis, you are more powerful then that pathetic piece of a gray matter, for all that matters you were there before that personality ever developed. That personality will eventualy become vanquished, and you'd become completely in control."

*Kurt calms down.* "I just don't understand, that was supposed to be an easy take over, and what about the others?!"

Hurtsel "I'm sure they are awakening too. That reminds me. pilot, get the information on where the largest amount of damage that has been delt to the planet with in a week, and go there."

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