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*Rwos' ship emerges from warpspace and rockets down towards the planet's surface*

Rwos: I hope then, that you have a way to save him.

*Rwos' fighter lands. Rwos and Hilth get out.

Suddenly, Hilth collapses. Rwos feels a dart impact his neck, injecting powerful tranquilizers into his bloodstream. Focusing his senses on the drug, he forces it to stop its spread, then reverse it.

As he does so, several figures in lightly armored combat suits emerge from the darkness. Ignoring the temporarily incapacitated Rwos, they quickly grab Hilth and hoist him up. Another throws a block of metal on the ground. A blue ring-shaped portal blazes to life above it.

Rwos lashes out with his tail. One of the figures carrying Hilth collapses. In the light of the portal, Rwos can see a mercenary insignia on the figure's chest.

The other figure kicks at Rwos, who deflects the blow and knocks his opponent over. A third figure fires at him with a blaster rifle. Rwos dodges and ducks under his ship for cover.

The figures carry Hilth through the portal. Before the last one goes through, Rwos fires a small tracking device at his heel. The portal closes as the last mercenary passes through.

Rwos looks up at the hospital building above*


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