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Originally posted by Katarn07
I loved the different atmospheres each level had. I mean, Talay was purple, Anoat brown, Gromas red, Anteevy white, and Jabba's ship orange. Ramsees Hed, Nar Shaddaa and Ergo Fueling station conveyed that dark, criminal infested slum with a few Imperials on official business.


I loved the covertness of it. I know you go through the game, guns a blazing, but the idea of going through heat ducts, sewers, hyjacking ships....

That's the ticket for me. The wide range of 'color themes' made a lasting impression on me. The diversity of missions and the activities therein was an enormous boon to the entire FPS genre... DF blew the Find The Key gameplay right out of the water (even though there were some code card requirements).

edit: The worst moments in the game- out of very few bad experiences overall- were the difficulty and tedium of the Kell Dragon fist fights (after losing your gear) and the ISO vault puzzle.
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