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((Meant to post this yesterday, I couldn't get to the site though:

Scar: Stop Hurtsel now, you are not hijacking this storyline. If you're going to say the Hurtsel is involved in the Republic conspirocy you'd be wrong, it has nothing to do with the Jedi, or the Empire, or the Sith. It has to do with polititions. Don't tell me he got his shuttle through the shields because he didn't.

The cause of all this will be revealed in good time.))

*General Madine and Admiral Ackbar stand surrounded by gaurds, they are whearing binders. A Devoronian General with a a wicked smile on his face stands before them.*

Gen. Talcor Rellenis: It is a pity that you will not join us gentle men. We are about to embark towards a great new future. One where human beings no longer rule us and where there is only one Governement, for the people.

Madine: So thats why you tried to blow up Coruscant, have the Predidant under lock and key and are about to kill us.

Talcor: Why, General, your lives are not in danger, provided you swear to serve the new government.

Ackbar: You are not for the people, as you say, you are for yourselves. This is not democracy, this is as bad as the Empire!

*Talcor back-hands Ackbar.*

Talcor: The last government allowed the Empire to take back half the galaxy back before it acted. We will not let that happen again.

Madine: The way I hear it you have more than the Empire to worry about.

Talcor: Yes, your loyay General Flax has escaped along with your flagship, although not with his wife. I wounder how effecteve he will be with her gone.

Ackbar: Flax is not the only one who has escaped you, he took half the fleet with him also.

Talcor: We shall see.

((JM: Greer should read the data packet. it has everything he needs in it.))


Data packet:

Enter Palace through suberteranian maintanence hatch, proceed to level 124-D, extract targets. Escape via shuttle on landing pad.

*Detailed route.*

Agent will contact you inside.

Fly Fast,
Shoot Straight,
Live Long!
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