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*fused Irvine becomes angry at his waste of energy*

Fused Irvine "Son of a b****!"

*Fused Irvine runs full speed at the ship, dodging enemy fire while pulling out his Silver Light Masamune, igniting it then jumping ontop of the ship and beginning to create marks on the hull.

After he creates a few quick slashs to help attempt to 'weaken' a part of the hull, he puts away his saber and consentrates on his muscles. With his eyes rolling into the back of his head, he slams hard on the focal point of his slashings with a tremendious force. After creating a 'dent', his rage subsides to put him into a slightly weakened state.*

F. Irvine *on hands an knees.* "Whats the matter? Can't control youre anger? We are quite upset at your progress..." *Turning back to a single voice* "Shut up! I have control now!" "Face it Irvine, the only foot hold you have is when there is anger, and when you are, you weaken yourself out too fast. You're pathetic." "F**k you!"

*Fused Irvine looses his balence and rolls off the ship. On the way down, he can see Rwos flying upward...*

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