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actually, i have some stuff i'd like to say...

i feel exactly the same way as natty does on the whole "mods on a powertrip" thing, and the closing of the "i'm back" thread just added to my thoughts on it.the only difference between how natty and i reacted to it is that natty left and is on a "strike". i, however, am taking the opposite approach here and being stubborn and not leaving no matter how much crap i have to put up with. i don't care if every single topic of mine got closed and djg got added to all of my polls, i will not leave because i know that if you have to do little crap like that to get me all rowled up and piss me off, you're an insignificant piece of dust and i'm gonna keep on doing what i'd normally do.

i know that the djg thing isn't going on anymore, but i'm just using that as an example of something that normally annoys me, or at least used to when it was happening.

anyway...i think stuff is getting a little better, although there's still some things that really bother me, but i won't go into any more detail, that is, if i haven't already revealed everything in this post
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