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How can we improve The Harbor? An open invitation for an informal chat....

Hi all. Moderators - feel free to move this post to the feedback centre if you think that is more appropriate.

Right then guys, after hardly posting for a few weeks due to an unreliable connection, I come back and notice there's some debate on the effect The Harbor has on the MI forums.

I'd like it if we could all have a friendly chat with no user/moderator arguments, and come up with some constructive ideas on how to improve things, make The Harbor a better place, and get more involvment in the on-topic MI forums.

My own initial input to get the ball rolling is that I'd like to see:-

1) More imagination in posts

2) The feel-good factor to return, people to be friendly to each other at all times, and encourage the less imaginative or popular poster to develop their skills rather than simply ignoring or picking fault with their posts

3) Fewer unamaginitve posts, ie film/music/game recommendations or reviews

4) No "Hi - I'm back" posts unless the person in question has been away for months and months, and/or has an interesting tale to tell - maybe the title of the post could be something more interesting in these circumstances

Obviously you may feel different - but lets get some ideas out in the open....

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