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Why is there so much bad feeling floating around at the moment????

I have a problem with a couple of areas of moderation, one is how certain moderators seem to get a kick out of agravating the situation by being rude and insulting to members. My other problem is moderators disagreeing with each other.

To expand on my first point, I would say that the best way to encourage good behaviour is to set an example yourself. Too many times I read moderators making pointless sarcastic remarks that add little to the conversation other than to annoy the user, and cause even more bad feeling. Could the mods not cut out this behaviour and set the best possible example for the rest of us?

To expand on my second point. I've worked in many public facing jobs, and if I had ever disagreed or argued with a colleague in front of a customer the way you guys do sometimes, I'd have been fired on the spot. Surely even though you're not paid (I'm assuming you're not paid!), you still have to keep up a certain level of professionalism?

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