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First of all, the DJG thing, not us, probably the work of DJG himself, or some other admin wanting some fun. not an issue anymore, but wasn't us in the first place, so never mind.

Secondly, I'm sorry you feel that way about the moderation as it is at the moment, but be rest assured, that we are actually trying to make this a good forum. I'm back threads aren't needed, it's as simple as that. My monkey just died also isn't needed, but sometimes we let it stay. I really think it's enough that this man has said he's back, we really don't need to bombard him with WB!'s, just as long as we know, so no real harm has been done here.

Thirdly, they may seem like sarcastic remarks, but the moderators here have made an art out of saying the most with the least. I have made an art of not posting if I have nothing to say, but if I do have something to say, you can bet it will be long, or short but thoughtful. Anything else is just for fun adn you know I never get on anyones nerves about it. the other mods may annoy at some points, but only because they are actually trying to get a relevent mesage across.

Fourthly, any disputes or dissagreements amongst the mods are sorted out amongst the mods (and we try as hard as possible to keep it within ourselve and not broadcasted on teh feedback forums as some outside mods would like). I have also been at jobs where dissagreeing with my superiors would have me fired, but here, i really have nothng to lose and therefore will speak up if needed, and the super mods here as well as the mods normally take it calmly so nothing to worry about.

anything else?

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