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Yeah, can I get a pizza?

Seriously, I have my disagreements with the way things are done in the Harbor. When I was a regular, the moderation team went from an 'everything flies' policy in regard to choice of topics to a 'high-brow discussion only' format, abruptly and without communicating their intentions beforehand. I've said my opinion about this a number of times, so I'll just leave it at that.

Now the other regulars, one by one, are taking exception with the moderators' way of doing business and protesting in their own ways. Yufster, Das Mole, Ray, Roy, Niko, Natty...each of these names recalls an episode of recent unpleasantness. The sense of peace in the Harbor these days reminds one much of that in Baghdad.

Obviously, you guys are doing just fine. Carry on.

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