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neil: when you became a mod i first thought this could bee cool.. and later i even mentioned that you would be doing a good job.. but i was wrong .. you're not doing well .. and the same count for the rest of your modding team..

see.. i know that benny and some others do great things besides this forum here the scummvm is really great etc etc..

but .. just because you are so special admins, mods and more with special occupations it doesnt mean that some of the posters in this forum doing similar things and even better ones... you're not the only cracks in here, y'know??

i just see you all a trying to keep the amount of posted posts small.. (database probs eyh?? )

and if you dont want an offtopic forum like the harbor then why dont you just close it and just leave the option for SERIOUS MI DISCUSSION???
why are you annoying us and even agree with the fact that you are annoying us instead of putting an announcement and closing the harbor??
and if you agree that some mods may act annoying why dont you step up as an mi mod and say something.. ??

you are not a good moderator, neil!!

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