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Originally posted by RayJones
and if you dont want an offtopic forum like the harbor then why dont you just close it and just leave the option for SERIOUS MI DISCUSSION???
why are you annoying us and even agree with the fact that you are annoying us instead of putting an announcement and closing the harbor??
and if you agree that some mods may act annoying why dont you step up as an mi mod and say something.. ??
Okay, do you want that? Seriously, I don't thnk anyone including the mods here want to get rid of the harbor. Secondly, I have stepped up and said something and we have discussed these things amongst ourselves and come to a mutual understanding of things here. i wish i could say that turning the harbor from a spam fest into a respectable forum as well as forums go would be easy for everyone concerned, but it isn't. people spammed and we let it slip, that was our mistake and we admit that. but now we're trying to rectify that mistake and you're not happy. almost understandable considering you're only looking at what's right in front of you and not anything else.

Originally posted by RayJones
you are not a good moderator, neil!!
Exactly what part of my moderating do you not like. I hardly ever press the orgasmic close button unless I feel it is actually necessary. I haven't edited peoples posts without good cause and I have moved some topics around, but that's not really hurting anyone. If you mean the fact that I haven't spoken up about what you don't agree with or changed everything, I'm sorry, but one, i don't always feel i have to and when i do, i do, ou just don't see it.

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