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Originally posted by Neil Joshi
Okay, do you want that? Seriously, I don't thnk anyone including the mods here want to get rid of the harbor.
yes i think so.. noone wants an all too serious harbor. and your/the mods behavior shows the same wish.


Exactly what part of my moderating do you not like. I hardly ever press the orgasmic close button unless I feel it is actually necessary. I haven't edited peoples posts without good cause and I have moved some topics around, but that's not really hurting anyone. If you mean the fact that I haven't spoken up about what you don't agree with or changed everything, I'm sorry, but one, i don't always feel i have to and when i do, i do, ou just don't see it.
oh. neil.. THAT is really what a mod got to do. doing nothing at all and hurt noone. especially not yourself...

it is not about closing or editing or moving or being nice. or what i just don't see or might miss ..

it is what you are not doing!!! for instance.. you missed to support natty as she was treatened in that unfair way mercatfart & co did.

you cannot always do as if NOTHING had happened. there is so much that happened, and you werent there to step up as ONE of the mods of the mi forums.

but as zoom said.. its not about you.. it's about the modteam and who am i (not being and never was a forummod) to tell you how to do your job.. i have no clue whats going on in MODworld ..

lets break it down to that: i saw you as a "friendly" folksman but now i've changed my opinion. wrong place to say that , plus you might give a *ringring*

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