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Originally posted by Ikhnaton
closing threads causes more of a **** storm than does any good, and trying to enforce your philosophy of what a forum should be is ultimately futile.
Nobody is trying to enforce a philosophy, just try and introduce some catalysts for good natured chat......

For example the mods getting their heads together and agreeing NOT to insult people on the forums would be a start and would cut down on flame wars, bad feeling, walkouts etc.....

Encouraging imaginative posting, but not banning poorly thought out or repetive posts would be a good thing.....

....everyone, mods, admins and users going out of their way to welcome new users and make them feel special......

From my side of things it's mainly the public insults from mods that gets my goat. This may not be a paid job, and we may not be customers, but I still stick by what I said, that we should be treated like 'customers', and hence should receive good customer service. The customer is always right - and thats why the MI forums are me, get the mod/user relationship right and things will look rosier.......

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