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I think that would be a bit like throwing out the baby with the bath water.

I think the Harbor can be made to work in it's current state as long as all the rules that are to be enforced from this point on are made explicitly clear to everyone. People are bound to be a bit bewildered and upset when you announce that "Welcome-Back" and "Farewell"-type threads are against the rules when they were never a problem in the past and only after you've closed a bunch of them out of the blue.
Make a sticky thread with all the regulations that folks are expected to obey.

Make sure there's not even a hint of an apperarance of favoritism towards some users and/or "singling-out" certain other users for specific abuse.
Perhaps that was never the intention in the case of Ray and Natty,.. but that's sure as hell the way it came across to a lot of people. It had every appearance of "We have decided that these are the type of folks we don't like here, and we are going to do everything in our power to offend them to the point where they go away."

Sorry guys,.. but all these people posting here now are your user base. You should be working with them to get the Harbor to a point you can live with using the folks who are right here, right now,.. and not be trying to set things up to work with a group of theoretical users who just might come and be the community of your dreams if the Harbor was only different.

I think that means the mods need to appear to be a little more open, less cynical, sarcastic and jaded, and a little more willing to go the extra mile to work with the folks who are already here and who have chosen to make this place thier home on the Web.

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