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Originally posted by Natty
Replace the mods except for Neil. He's the only person with any brains.
Meaning you'd want me moderating the entire mi discussion forums? No, doesn't work like that. as it is, it's only me and gabez and even now hardly any moderating is happening (the closing of that i'm back thread was the first piece closed thread in the harbor in months, elsewhere, the closings were more justified). Also, gabez hasn't actually done anything wrong apart from grow to hate you all (and probably even me, I don't really know)

And I would like to say that another mod would be handy (someone you could be confident would make a difference, not like that phoney other guy, kneel or something ) but it would be hard to find, it would have to be an mi regular who is sensible, we got a lot of sensible people here, and a lot of regulars, but...

So really, we're here at a stand still with everyone hating each other. Is this the best forum or what?

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