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@Frenchy- thank you, the first person to say that. Because frankly guys, I've tried as hard as possible to to see things from you're point of view and have tried to side with you as well as with the mods, but sometimes, you guys have to looks outside the box and realise that moderating is not all closing topics and shouting at people. It's not easy, far from it, and it's things like this that make it hard.

@Ikhnaton- You're right, this isn't your forum. We don't do things the way you do, we don't like meaningless spam in our community, and we do moderate. If we didn't, we get an excess of spam followed by nothing, people would judt leave, and then people would complain to us. So we start moderating and you complain again, there's no winning.

@Natty- I'm trying as hard as possible to side with you on this, but the level of spam in the harbor back then was fine, if we started moderating then, you wouldn't have had any fun. so now we're try as hard as possible to keep that spam at a level where it's fun, but not excessive or stupid and sometimes that hard when some people see thing differently others. If it's all down to that 'I'm Back' topic, i'm used to that, I've seen it before, but new people from the merge aren't and therefore may close it if they don't think it fits. We can't have the old Harbor when we suddenly get a whole load of people from the scumm bar and BSBC who aren't used to that sort of thing.
and then new people come along, see this spam is okay and take it further. it's hard to keep a balance without hurting someone, and yet when we hurt one person, you all leap at us. we're doing a job, you may not like it, but it has to be done. Fun levels are trying to be kept, but then spam levels are also trying to be lowered to make way for it, it's not that easy.

@eveyone else- so tell me, what are you really complaining about?

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