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Neil, I understand where you're coming from, but I think the merged forums ended up doing more harm than good, the Harbor is a classic example of it. People have different opinions on what's considered spam or innapropriate. Besides, I personally thought it hypocritical not to close down Frenchy, NiKo and Storken's "hi I'm back look at me" type thread, but someone elses got closed down. This is the sort of behaviour I'm talking about . The mods aren't consistent. Either all welcome back/goodbye topics get closed down or none of them do. You can't close some and not the other. Basically you all need to work out some sort of agreement with the other mods, but I think it's also fair to include the forum members and let them have an input with ideas as well. Perhaps a few points that might need to be considered in this are:

**Welcome back topics. Should they be closed or not? Personally I don't care either way.

**What's considered spam? Well I know everyone has different ideas. Although I'd consider something like this to be spam. I know many people claimed the test things that I posted as spam, but people were doing them and no one complained about it being spam, so I didn't see the problem. Like I said, maybe a polls and voting forum could be considered? It's just an idea?

**The mods. Are we all happy with the mods? Well the answer is obvious and we're not. I think the mods need to lighten up somewhat. I know they have to do a job, but at the same time, the over modding can give the forum a bad name. The Harbor is supposed to be a fun place where people are supposed to feel welcome, not a place where some people get bullied around, made fun of, singled out, victimized, picked on and honestly, they're made to feel so unwelcome they don't post here anymore. That's not what a mod is supposed to do, and some of the mods are doing that (they should know who they are, if they don't they're more brain dead than I thought) If the mods can't lighten up a bit and let people have fun, then honestly I think some of them need to be replaced. Not so much the mods of the Mi Discussion board (although I know I gave that impression, I got mixed up, so I do apologize to those people) but those so called "Super Mods" who think just because they can wander from forum to forum and have the power to close anything or ban anyone (I'm under the impression they can ban as well) that they should be treated like some sort of God or something. Sorry I give and show respect to those who respect me. If I'm not getting respected then I don't show it in return. It's a 2-way street.

I know there's plenty more things that need to be considered, and obviously it's going to take sometime to sort this out, I honestly did come here to say hello, but since I've said my side on this, I should probably stick around to defend my points. Hmmmmm, oh well. Doesn't matter. I just think the longer this debate goes on, the more people could be inclined to be pushed away or made to feel unwelcome.

Roy- hehehe Well it's true, Carl's just a troll anyway. I don't think I've ever seen him say something important or nice, he always seems to be slagging people off and has the whole "I am so much better than everyone else" type approach. My dog's **** has more personality than he does.

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