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Arrow WARN BEFORE POSTING SPOILERS! (Use the [Spoiler] tag!)

I can't stress this enough, especially now that the full game is out in stores.

Why post a "SPOILER" warning? Because a lot of us don't have the game yet or won't play through it as fast, and we don't want the storyline, ending, secrets or plot twists ruined before we can have the thrill of discovering them ourselves.

What is a spoiler?

A spoiler is anything that reveals a plot point from the game that is not told about on the Jedi Academy official site (

So this includes endings, boss characters, secrets, etc. In the form of screenshots, text, whatever. When in doubt put "*Possible Spoiler*" in the title of your Post & Thread. It only takes a second to do.

What is NOT a spoiler?

Things that are fair game include anything that IS posted on the official site ( If it's on the site, you can talk about it freely. If it's something that a person would not know unless they had played the game as much as you had, then you will want to put a spoiler warning on it.

The Spoiler Tag, how to use it.

Use this tag [ SPOILER ] [ /SPOILER ] (just remove the space inside the brackets) to put around any text that reveals something that could be considered a spoiler about the game.

Let me give you an example. This is what I would do if my post were about the movie Empire Strikes Back back in 1980:

Hey guys, what did you think about how
Darth Vader said he was Luke's father

Pretty cool huh?

Now you try it. Didn't get it to work the first time? Click the "edit" button on you post and go fix it. Don't make us moderators have to come clean up after you.

This way people who already know the secrets can discuss them freely, and those who don't wish to have them "spoiler" can surf in safety.

Simple. Easy. Neat.

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