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Originally posted by Guybrush122
I think Niko said it best.

A lot of us are escapemi-ers and, frankly, we know how great the old times were. There wasn't just strict "close this topic" and "move this topic" rules back then. Then we knew the mods and supermods, and we all were friends. The harbor was founded for non-Monkey Island things, even if that includes bitching about Tekken 4 or posting something about MI5 despite the fact that theres already a subcategory for it (oh wow, what a concept...posting where people actually VISIT)

Niko's right, this is a damn forum. Not some remote country. We don't need this kind of government in a place that promotes off-topic talk! I mean, come on...let's face it, THE HARBOR IS DYING!!!! Why? Because we can't post anything we want in it anymore for fear of getting our topics closed!! When the harbor was alive there WAS spam. TONS OF SPAM!! Tons upon tons upon TONS of topics that you mods and supermods think are spam and you know what? We liked it. Hell, we LOVED it. That's what the Harbor is about. If you let spam stay spam, and let off-topics stay here, then we'll have posts upon posts in no time. And wanna know what else? We'll like it. Hell, yeah, we'll LIKE it.
Which is all well and good for the escapemi regulars, but it makes these forums completely uninviting for everyone else. These aren't the boards, and the mods are under no obligation to pretend like they are.
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