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Cool Guy Logic?

Originally posted by Carl Shutt
Natty, you are a complete spanktard. I never suggested the regulars were acting in a hostile or unwelcoming manner towards new posters. But when faced with the overwhelming amount of spam and whiny, teen-angst bull**** that makes up the Harbour, any intelligent person is going to run a mile. The very existence of the Harbour is driving people away from the MI forums, it is as simple as that.
I've seen this argument over and over again, and it still doesn't make sense to me: the Harbor drives people away from the MI forums.

When you guys visit a new website and look up the forums, do you actually make some kind of judgement call as to whether or not the topics posted are good enough for you? If you see that the off-topic forum has 'welcome back' and 'I'm leaving' threads, do you actually say to yourself, 'Well, this place is beneath me--I'm off to'

Well, that seems like sound reasoning to me.

I do know this much. When I check out a new forum, and I see a bunch of threads closed--that chases me off. (Sometimes.) Closed threads send a warning bell to any forum-lounger that the forum has problems...

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