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While you boys and girls are busy pissing in each other's Cheerios, can somebody please tell me how a thread like this is supposed to help anyone? What does this topic benefit other than the 3 of 4 members posting in it? To anyone on the outside, there is nothing for them to participate in. The purpose of an online forum is to post a topic that others can participate in. I realize that not all boards function the same way. Hell, I would love it if you all came over to my forums, I allow swearing, spamming, pretty much anything, but that is there, not here. They have chat rooms and IRC channels for this sorta thing, come's just common sense. An online discussion and an AOL chat room should not be the same thing---ever! Besides, the thread is still open isn't it?

And for the record, I started coming here, because I see alot of really cool people posting here, and it's a wonderful escape from the terrors of We recently consolidated all the forums in the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series, and nothing has really changed other than color patterns. And since you all hate Star Wars so much I'll quote Grand Moff Tarkin; "This bickering is pointless." This stuff happens on every single message board I ever posted on. Somebody get's his/her thread closed, post edited, post count nuked....whatever. And no matter what the cercumstances were, the mods are always the Nazi meanies, and the spammers are the freedom fighters defending the rights of spammers posters. Why should this forum be any different than anyone else? Why is that Harbour members are the only ones that think they are treated unfairly? What? The Harbour and Monkey Island forums are the only boards that ever merged? I just don't get it.

Maybe if they did their job from the start then none of this would have happened...
Please define what YOU think their job should be, I would LOVE to know...

As a side note, I think all your arguments would hold up better if you would stop saying things like "The XWAer's this", the "Aresener's that", this discussion reads like a bloody social studies project. Calling each other names, such as trolls, Nazis, spanktard....whatever. Please be civil eh? If you are all as mature as you say you are, why do you fail to demonstrate it?
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