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Originally posted by RoyTordesLegend
Neil - if you hurry up and release your fantastic new guidlelines/findings whatever you want to call them, then we'll all know what we should be striving for.

I've never had a problem posting like this in any other forum anywhere, but if it's a problem here so be it....I'll remember to edit more carefully.

Carl Shutt, my deep thinking fellow poster - would you be kind enough to do me the great honour of letting me have a couple of examples of what kind of posting you would say falls into the "vacuous crap" category, and the "acceptable post" category....I'd appreciate the views on this matter from such a well respected member of the forums.....
Do you think hounding Neil Joshi is going to get you results overnite? He said he was working on it, give the guy a break eh? Look at it from Neil's prospective, he has the people he watches over and cares for in one corner, and the admins and supermods he has to answer to in the other corner. Trying to keep everyone happy in a position like that is an exercise in futility. Just be glad her cares so much. I clearly remember suggesting a stuck list of guidelines a while back and I was shot down in flames for it. Now you want one...ok!
Also, what do you want Carl to do? Draw you pictures? It's not rocket science, it's a online discussion group. I would venture to say that if you Google search forums and visit some other boards, you'll pick up on it in no time. Better yet, just take a visit at some of the other boards on LFN other than just Monkey Island, and that should suffice.
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