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Originally posted by Neil Joshi
Okay, this is the kind of crap I'm talkin about. Roy tords, why the hell do you have to post 3 seperate posts in the same damn thread one after another. If you didn'tthink of something before and no ones posted after you yet, the edit button can be your best friend. is a post count that important to you?
err.. as you may have noticed.. roy is NOT a post count poster .. he's "still" under 300 which is farfarfar away from my pc ..


Originally posted by Neil Joshi

No seriously, i've talked it over with the other mods, and we've gcome to a desicion.
all that roy did is he asked for THIS decision they've come to.. he didnt asked for particular details just for the the main thought they got during their speak over ..

CARL: *shakes head* you still never answer to the raised questions .. .. would you be so kind and stay ONTOPIC instead of just barking njiengnjiengnjieng's in??? (just like i just did, btw .. ) which is by the way the way some mods in here still do?

Neil: tell us about the main character of your (the MI-Mods team) descision .. and then later tell us the details..

Roy Tordes Legend .. use that darn edit button .. please ..

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