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Well these things take a great deal of time. First of all they have to come up with a list, edit, re-edit, then edit again. Then they have to sugar coat it so that all the members won't feel like they are being ruled with an Iron fist. Then once they draft up the rules, they have to come up with a set way of dealing with each problem. We have a similar guideline at Jediknight. For example, there are different standards. For some violations, it is an instant ban, like porn links, Warez and leaked Beta links. Then there is the spam and flaming guidelines. Members have to be warned an undisclosed amount of times, then further actions need to be decided on. Then they have to find a way of keeping track of who was warned, who was banned, the length of the ban...etc, etc, etc. Sometimes when new games come out, rules have to be modified to deal with the traffic flow of new members. I can't give you any specific details, but I ASSURE you they are working on it. They just cannot say anything until it is all final and approved, or else it could lead to disaster. How would you feel if we posted a rule, and then changed it tomorrow? It would piss you off, it would piss anyone off. They have to think these things through carefully before anyone can make it official. Making a decision is only the first step in a very long process. Not to mention, all of us mods, supermods, and admin have lives, jobs, school, and some even have families to care for as well. Please be patient ok?
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