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Originally posted by Carl Shutt
If I visit a new forum for the first time, and find it to be filled with nothing but vacuous crap, then yes, I'll go find another forum. What part of this are you having trouble understanding?
Well, first,.. the MI forums are MORE than the Harbor. It seems to me that it would be easy to post to any of the other forums and never set foot in the Harbor. If somebody REALLY wanted to take part it seems to me that ignoring one forum out of all the ones here shouldn't be that big of a hardship.

I also have trouble understanding the part about how if there are no topics posted that you approve of or want to talk about, why you don't start your own threads! It's easy to sit back and say "Nobody ever talks about anything interesting" but if you're not in there starting conversations about things you care about, or steering open threads in a direction you find more stimulating then it's all just a case of sour grapes. Be a bit pro-active. Otherwise people are going to talk about what's important to them, and if it's something that doesn't interest you, then you're stuck out in the cold.
If a thread does come up that you approve of, show some positive reinforcement by jumping in and participating, or even (God forbid... ) offering a bit of praise to the topic starter.
Positive reinforcement can be a powerful tool Carl. Instead of always pointing out all the negative things you don't like, how about pointing out some of the positive parts of the things you do like? You just might get better results that way...

Just a thought.

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