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edlib and zoom are not hippo burgers. unless they want to be, as i'm sure they can find some way to turn that into a compliment
Very perceptive on your part, Das...
I take it as a high compliment anytime someone responds to me directly on the web, negative or positive, because it means the intent behind the symbols I have placed on the glowing screen has managed to get past the back of someone's eyeballs and stimulate an emotion center in the brain strongly enough for them to respond. Anytime I can manage to arouse thought in another human being it's a good day.
Whether or not the response is intended as the slightest bit complimentary or not is purely immaterial.

Of course, I am also rarely offended by insults thrown my way in the cyber-world. In fact, if someone puts a little thought into it I am usually amused. They are, after all, just strange little symbols, representing words, on a glowing screen, mounted in a plastic box, put there by an anonymous stranger in an unknown part of the world,.. and it's very easy to discount them as such. When I surf away or kill the power they effectively don't exist anymore for me.

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