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Originally posted by Yufster
How's about we live with it? Does it really make a difference? Does it make it harder to post? Does it really change anything at all?
yeah yufster.. thats my point..

but then again.. why change it if it's so irrelevant? they tried closing, they tried moving, they tried everything and now its a name change.

again. as roy mentioned.. they and us. their game. sitting behind the mons peeing their pants because they think it is apropriate and all that.. they are so happy that someone went and posted a thread like this. and the ssadiggers can now say "Yay. Thats what i was waiting for" and the community wonders what the hell is going on. until they "forgot" about it all.

again. we will take it. everyone will take it. as usual.

history repeats itself.

lets wait for the next week or so ..
what gonna be happen? someone disables the quote button??

i dont care what this forum is named..
but i do care WHY it is named like it is named. .. and who did it. but obviosly it is not my JOB. so i just dont care.

now die confused.

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