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Originally posted by Thrik
Seriously RayJones, with lack of better words - shut your face. Wow, the name of the Harbour has been changed. Why does it even matter? It was changed because the people who run the forum decided so, not to spite you or piss you off. In fact, you shouldn't flatter yourself by thinking that they give a **** about how it affects you personally.

Jesus, I dread to think how you get on in the real world. "Hey boss, you reorganised my desk! You think you're so better than me!! Screw you man!!!".
seriously you lollypoop.. please dont tell me to shut face. or i kindly may ask you to chew on a prick.. preferable your own

i organize my desk by my own and .. why should my "boss" reorganize my desk?? he would have better things to do..
is that the world YOU live in? DESKTOP REORGs? haha. desktops.. you spoot. i develop software n db's n stuff and dont need to ask anyone about anything.. .. err.. wait.. there is one thing. i have to ask for vacation. (i am sooo veracious.. )

and i think i said i dont care about the namechange plus i dont think they thought about me by this decision. this never was my point. and i dont care much if anybody cares.

really thrik. who cares if anyone thinks he is better than any other? i dont care about you, shut nor anybody else in "your" posse. youre all just lousy spoots. pah.

seriously. LEARN TO RELAX. get a drink. take a cookie. and my opinion.

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