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Might as well join the fun...

Originally posted by Gabez
Taking life too seriously, eh? And this is a two page thread containing a heated argument concerning the name of another forum which is a sub-forum of another forum of a site called LucasForums which is about 0.00001% or the Internet, which is a moderately small part of our society, which is part of this planet, which is so infinitely small that it really doesnít matter at all in the grand scheme of the universe, which is probably only one of an infinite amount of other parallel universes which alltogether makes up something that the human mind can't even comprehend.

Dude, put it into perspective. ;;
Then why care about ANYTHING that happens in life at all?
Certainly not a forum name being changed... or even spending the time, effort, or energy it takes to GET the forum name changed in the first place.

It's pretty obvious to all involved that the forum name change signifies SOMETHING,.. otherwise nobody would ever bother to do it.
What's not exactly clear is the message or the lesson we are all supposed to glean from this effort.

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