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Originally posted by leowulf
I have a problem, the server load up great and it run as background but somehow i couldnt connect to it through the internet, my server is running on Freebsd4.8 here is mine cfg file can someone help me out? thanks Secondly, i have many IPs on this server, how can i bind it to one IP

// Server Config
set sv_hostname "wildabar"
set g_motd "test"
rconpassword "password"
set sv_allowDownload 1
set sv_maxclients 3
set g_inactivity 0
set sv_maxRate 10000
set g_allowvote 0
set timelimit 4
set capturelimit 20
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set g_gametype 3
set g_duelWeaponDisable 65531
set g_forcepowerDisable 32741
set g_weaponDisable 65531
set g_maxForceRank 6
set g_saberLocking 1
set g_friendlySaber 1
set g_autoMapCycle 1
set duel_fraglimit 10
set fraglimit 1
map duel_pit
How did you get the Linux Dedicated Server working with 4.8?

Jedi Academy just hangs for me.

What does your startup command look like?

Mine just hangs everytime I start the program.

Please see this thread:;f=21;t=25075

Thank you.
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