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Re: rastamaan on tha moon ya..

Originally posted by RayJones
and still noone said hey.. yes.. as you may have noticed we changed this subforums name to 'life and how to live it' because we though it .. [nice cool story here] .. we hope you all come along with this change .. yadayadayada ..
Something that was fully intended right up until someone came along and decided to complain about it. Seriously, we simply didn't have time; it went straight from name change to complaint with hardly an hours notice. And please note a certain member may have seen the name change before the mods knew it had been donít because it was the admins who did it. And this certain member may have decided that with no explanation present in the time of change to when the certain member logged on, we must be messing with you.

Now, we kind of see no point in an explanation, you all seem to be content in the fact that we did it to annoy you, so we'll just go with that now shall we?

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