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Originally posted by Das Mole
life and how to live it?

and the description is a little too...descriptive....

posted here

although this might be not the form of a question concerning the name change i think it expresses somehow the notice of a name change and somehow could be seen as "hello new name of 'our' favorite forum.. now mateys.. what do you say?".. but it is no complain about anything.
and of course the question after a why etc. had to be asked.. but it took only a few crappy replies by some bunchies to turn it into on of those discussions that we all dislike so much. so just one had to show up, post the "correct" answer (what i said before) and the could have closed the thread because it would had fulfilled its purpose. but none of this happend. and this is crap again because now you are blaming us for the results and not the resposibles.

i wish i could say
closed. all closed.

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