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I'm not blaming you for the name change, in fact although I had no part in it, I take full responsibility because you all like someone to target youre abuse on so bring it on.

And I'm not blaming you or Mole for complaining, that was pretty much the mi community in general.
In fact, i'm not blaming you at all, the above statement by me was directed at everyone who likes to complain before they explain (I'm writing that on down) and before they've given us a chance to explain ourselves.

No, it's not your fault at all, you seem to be on our side about this, at least partly which I would say is very diplomatic of you. But a while ago, everyone hated us for closing a thread. Now we're hated for changing a name.

If I start a new interesting thread, will you all string me up by my thumbs, because it looks that way.

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