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i never complained about anything...i just came here and asked about the name change, and i guess it just happened to be before a mod got here to explain it or something. the only reason(s) i didn't wait was because:

1) i found it to be really weird and had to say something
2) the thought of someone coming to explain it of their own free will didn't cross my mind
3) even if i did think of that, it would've seemed completely absurd to me and i would've posted anyway.

as you can see, it was a lose-lose situation (?) either way. ...?

and even though people may have "hated" you for closing a thread, nobody's hating anybody now...we're just wondering. and the only thing that anybody that might have a clue about it has said was: "stop complaining", "who cares?" and/or "it's just a name change", "put it into perspective", "it doesn't matter", etc.

i don't know why nobody can just give an answer instead of dodging around the subject. and i think the only reason anybody is trying to divert our attention away from the topic is because nobody really had a reason for changing it to begin with.

... all this over a forum name change. Days and days of posts, spanning over multiple pages.

It really is sad.
what do you mean "all this"? it's not like any of us are blowing our heads off about this, we just want to know's not that sad. what's sad is that you really felt the urge to come in here and make a post giving us information that was already obvious

anyway...i'm just waiting for an answer as to why the name change even occured in the first place.

btw- rayjones, nice sig....
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