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Originally posted by edlib
No hard feelings Neil,.. but anyone who has even been casually following the recent history in and around the MI Discussion boards should have been able to predict the general reaction from the regulars concerning a forum name change with no warning/ explanation.
Either you're suggesting that I hane not followed the recent history of the mi discussions, which is ridiculouse because I have eben a big part of it, or you are suggesting that I am foolish for changing the name because of the recent history.

Firstly, I would like to say that this is rich coming from someone who clearly has even read the previosu posts in this thread let alone a lot of the recent history of this place otherwise you would hyave rephrased you post a hell of a lot.

Secondly, I would like to point out that this entire discussion is somewhat of an enigma to me as to how it turned into this considering it started out as a thread to choose a name, hence community involvement. This suddenly turned into a huge argument about why it was changed in the first place. Please note, unless four men on horses come around the corner with flames and war cries, I'm pretty certain that nothing too drastic has happened here. I seem to notice that a few regulars around here have been trying to keep this thread going on the right track. Others, simply haven't, and turned it into this.

You said that no warning or explanation was issued here. I already exaplined why there was no explanation, but, hey ho, some people coundn't wait to start talking about it. What am I to do, come along and say 'Hey, by the way, we changed the name of the harbor' in the thread already expressing that, created by another forum member. Basically, Moles thread wasn't even a complaint, if anything, it was simply stating the fact that the name had changed. You were'nt told by some mod like me, you were told by Mole. Not much of a difference really.

Thirdly. I see nothing wrong with Life and How to Live it. No seriously, what's it meant to suggest? How is it bad? So it's not youre perfect choice for a forum name, especially in the monkey island discussions forum. fine, we appreciate that. how about a thread asking everyone what they would like- oh, no wait, we already tried that now didn't we? What would you suggest then?

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