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Originally posted by Neil Joshi
Either you're suggesting that I hane not followed the recent history of the mi discussions, which is ridiculouse because I have eben a big part of it, or you are suggesting that I am foolish for changing the name because of the recent history.
No, I'm suggesting that the reaction over the sudden, unexpected name change really should have been fairly predictable knowing all the recent events, and that if you had just come out and said something like "Because we wanted to. That's it, no hidden agender or deeper meaning. We just changed it." a couple of days ago when it was first noticed in a thread it could have avoided a lot of confusion on everybody's part. Heck, just saying "We felt it was time for a change!" would have been enough. But the longer you waited to say anything, the louder the grumbling became, and the more people (myself included) began to read into the timing of the change and read meaning into the name chosen.
I was not aware a pre-existing drive by anyone to remove the "Harbor" name, so when it was changed I immediately suspected there was an important reason why somebody would want it done. I'm perfectly willing to accept "We wanted to clear the air and get a fresh, new start" as a perfectly valid reason,.. I just wish somebody had bothered to make it clearer, earlier.
But the longer you sit on it, the more people are going to read into it.
You also could have posted something like "Hey! There's a big change coming, and you'll know it when you see it! Stay tuned! " a couple of days ahead might have alleviated some of the shock when it came.

Originally posted by Neil Joshi
Something that was fully intended right up until someone came along and decided to complain about it. Seriously, we simply didn't have time; it went straight from name change to complaint with hardly an hours notice. And please note a certain member may have seen the name change before the mods knew it had been donít because it was the admins who did it. And this certain member may have decided that with no explanation present in the time of change to when the certain member logged on, we must be messing with you.
Now, we kind of see no point in an explanation, you all seem to be content in the fact that we did it to annoy you, so we'll just go with that now shall we?.
All the more reason to try to communicate your intent as soon as possible. Why does it really seem like so much effort to explain something as simple as a name change to someone who might be reading more into it than you ever intended?

I really think everyone here are fairly reasonable people, and I personally wish to apologize for jumping to any conclusions.

But we all still have a lot of work to do on that "communication" thing.

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