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Cool Guy Another damn chicken joke

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: The grass just seems greener over there.

(This is not nonrelevant commentary, but a metaphor which seeks to express what may well be the underlying cause of the Harbor's name change controversy--the sheer zen inscrutability of unrelated, random events. No one can predict the chicken's interest in greener grass any more than the semi bearing down fatefully upon it at ninety miles per hour; in the same way, the Harbor has been retitled without need for a reason or any more thought given to one than the trucker gives to poultry road safety. How's my driving?)

How about this name--'Thrik's House of Razor Sharp Bee Pancakes.' Mmmm...they make their own honey!

'Pretty swallow cuts,
The dawn falls open in twain...
Sun may rise today.'

--Some long-eared freak with a sword

Zoom's spaceshuttle landing video
(This is what happens when you let a rebel fighter pilot land expensive government hardware...)
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