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Okay you're in crap town, sorry. It's very frustrating to get the Mac version of Sam & Max to run in OSX. Oddly enough, it's easier to get the PC version to work.

If you're willing to embark on a trip into madness, you get to follow my super duper long series of instructions:

First off, you're best just booting into MacOS 9 to play. That aside, here's how to do it in OS X:

- First, download the release binary of ScummVM for MacOS X, as well as the ScummVM Tools package for MacOS X from the ScummVM downloads page.

ScummVM is a program that's been written for MacOS X (and other platforms) that will run old LucasArts adventure games properly.

The problem is, the Mac version of Sam & Max and some other games have had their data files changed from the normal PC versions, so you need to convert them to be usable in ScummVM. This is very annoying, because it requires using the MacOS X terminal program and entering in command line commands. Hope you're up to it . If you know how to use the terminal well enough already sorry if my instructions are demeaning or something.

- Open a new Finder window and go to your home directory (cmd-shift-h, or chose "Home" from the Go menu). For simplicitys sake you're going to want to make a folder in there for this. Let's call it "sam" (all lowercase). So, make a folder called "sam" in your home directory.

- Copy the "Sam & Max Data" file from the CD into your new "sam" folder. (If the file isn't called "Sam & Max Data" but is actually called something else, change my instructions below so that you're typing the actual name of the file. I just picked "Sam & Max Data" from memory)

- There's a file in the ScummVM tools you downloaded called "rescumm." Copy that into your "sam" folder too.

- Go to your applications folder (cmd-shift-A) and inside there the Utilities folder. Run "Terminal"

- In terminal type the following commands:

cd ~
cd sam
~/sam/rescumm samnmax "Sam & Max Data"

If that didn't work, try

cd ~
~/sam/rescumm "Sam & Max Data" samnmax

You'll know it works because the Terminal will display a bunch of crazy filenames being created.

- Once you've rescumm'd your data files, install and run ScummVM (you downloaded it earlier from the scummvm site). Click "Add Game" and browse around your files until you get to /Users/(yourusername)/ ... you should see your "sam" folder in there. Click on "sam" and then when it's hilighted, click "choose." It should pop up a message saying "Sam & Max Hit the Road" to which you click "add game" or "okay" or whatever. It will then appear on the main ScummVM list, and you can double click it to play, or single-click it and click "options" to turn on full screen mode.

That is a long process, and I hope I explained it right. If anything I did was a big fat lie let me know and I'll try to correct myself.

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