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When I scanned the art originally posters were my intention as well. And the image resolution is sufficiently high enough to fit on A1, or even A0 I think. However, its a touchy subject - I myself can get them printed on A0 or A1 for a paltry 10, but there is a copyright issue. If anyone did make posters, they would have to get them printed themselves, and not make any profit from them. My conscience is clean, anyway - if LucasArts made official box-art posters I'd buy them (like the FOA one) - but they don't.

I would stick them on a website, but each image is around 15Mb. This is because the plain image looks... well, not so great - not bad, but could be better. So I apply a few imaging effects and voila:

Actual Size sample of original image

Actual Size sample of edited final image

You already told me about the DVD covers and it sounds pretty cool

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