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Originally posted by LucasTones
When I scanned the art originally posters were my intention as well. And the image resolution is sufficiently high enough to fit on A1, or even A0 I think. However, its a touchy subject - I myself can get them printed on A0 or A1 for a paltry 10, but there is a copyright issue. If anyone did make posters, they would have to get them printed themselves, and not make any profit from them. My conscience is clean, anyway - if LucasArts made official box-art posters I'd buy them (like the FOA one) - but they don't.

I would stick them on a website, but each image is around 15Mb. This is because the plain image looks... well, not so great - not bad, but could be better. So I apply a few imaging effects and voila:

Actual Size sample of original image

Actual Size sample of edited final image

You already told me about the DVD covers and it sounds pretty cool
What filter did you use when you edited the image? Or what techniques? You cleared the spots right outta there without smearing it. Looks great.
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