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Originally posted by Katarn07
I could never locate Rebel Agent anywhere though. Really weird. No library (or bookstore around here for that matter) had that in either book or cd format. They had both of the other books on both formats though
You might want to try for Rebel Agent

I got the trilogy of books via (the hardback editions), and they were a very good read, as I recall. I also liked the colour illustrations. Not enough modern books have them, IMHO - because they can often set the scene and 'mood' of the novel.

I really liked the way the books tied in to the games themselves, and fleshed out the backgrounds of the characters and scenarios. They did a good job with them

And since the release of Jedi Academy, I can't help but feel they could do with making a novel about Jaden, to give some idea of his/her past and how (s)he came to build a lightsaber without help.

Of course, a novel would be particularly difficult for that character considering the customisation options in the game - male/female, Rodian, Zabrak, etc. Which is why it would have been better to show the character's background in the game itself.

But I digress...and I've probably said enough anyway.
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