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hey guys, I just thought I'd tell you that the day/night feature using the GC's internal clock only affects 2 different levels. the Tatooine Training mission (which has 4 different time settings: dawn, day, dusk, and night) and the Imperial Academy Heist mission (which has 2 time settings: day and night) are the 2 levels affected by the internal clock. on tatooine, what time it is will effect what bonus items you will find and stuff like that. on Imperial Academy Heist it affects visibility, enemies, and even secrets (like stealing the TIE fighter). and also, apparently the Endurance mission (15th level in the game) is affected by the time too. supposedly it's easier during the day cuz you have more wingmen? something like that. I've only played it at night. but today if I play it I should be able to confirm it for sure.
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