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I agree.

I would like to see a Fast Times & Challenges Board.

it should be labeled just like that since Challenges (ie: beat Raid on Sullust in the TIE Interceptor) are just as popular as regular Fast Times. so yeah it should be called a Fast Times & Challenges board.

and I think it should be its OWN board, as in, one board for all 3 games: Rogue Squadron, Battle for Naboo, and Rogue Leader. in that board we can have 5 seperate topics. 1 for Rogue Squadron PC, 1 for Battle for Naboo PC, another 2 for the N64 versions of Rogue Squadron and Battle for Naboo, and 1 more topic for Rogue Leader. then we can have seperate topics for Challenges competitions, etc.

we've done this kind of thing at before and it REALLY brings in the traffic. people would check in more than every hour everyday just to make sure they're World Record time hadn't been beaten. it really sparks up the competitive spirit and gets a lot of people involved in the thing that matters the most: GAMEPLAY.

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