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Nope, I checked the specifications, you can have up to 8 blades INCLUSIVE. That means you may use a saber with eight blades!
(I made a seven-bladed one, and, if you type the correct command into the console, every blade has some other color)

To make your own tags, I recommend importing some existing ones and duplicating them. Use the MD3 importer to get "models/weapons2/saber/saber_w.md3" (from assets1.pk3; it's Kyle's saber).

You will get the saber geometry and two tags (I think it's tag_parent and tag_flash). tag_parent should import exactly on 0,0,0 and tag_flash somewhere around.

To meet JA specification:[list=1][*]Everything that belongs to your saber must begin with a "w_".[*]You must export your hilt at 0,0,0 where you want the player's hand to be.[*]Rename tag_flash to tag_blade1 and duplicate it (to tag_blade2 until tag_blade8, depending on the number of blades you want).[/list=1]

You will have to model your hilt out of primitives, convert them to editable meshes, attach them so that they are one editable mesh. Then, you texture, UVW and export it. Then you write a SAB and a SKIN file.

If you want to know more about one step, post a reply.

Post Scriptum: I would be happy if you'd ever use the '.' button on your keyboard. i dont like it if you write like this i will have to figure out where one sentence ends and then when a new one begins that is very painful so please use that button

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