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Kenji Teradoc

29 years old



Uses Force
Likes to dabble in Dark Side, but his powers do more damage to him than his foe...

He grew up on Corosaunt with his parents. His father gave him an A-Wing when he was 15, and helped him modify it. Kenji went to university when he was 17 but dropped out a year later.
He arrived home to find out his father had died of a heart attack earlier that evening. He went to the coroner , who concurred, but Kenji burst into the morgue and pulled out a cadaver marked 'John Teradoc', only to find multiple stab wounds, which appeared to have been fused closed.In tears, he held the coroner up by the lapels of his suit and cried " Why did you lie to my mother?!"
The man replied " I...Told her... what happened..If you heard ..different...its..not my..fault." Kenji ran home.
He found out his mother had lied to him about how his father died. Overcome by a feeling of trechary and deceit, he strikes his mother down a fit of rage...

Has an IQ of 113.

Does not mind doing mercenary work.

People who call me 'paranoid' are probably in on the plot.
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