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Originally posted by Katarn07
It's a cool figure, Ack. And The Count doesn't hate you. All of his posts may seem offensive to some and you're no different.

And about the helmet: that is exactly what a PotF2 (Power of the Force 2: 1995-1999) stormie torso and helmet look like.

Also, Ack, if I had seen that before you told you made it, I would have been able to tell for several reasons. First off, Hasbro refuses to make any EU people outside of the Clone War cartoon/ comic it seems. Secondly, you have it on a Saga card (2002-present) but the head and body and all the accesories are PotF2. They want to slim everything down to make it more realistic. To make it better, you should put it on a expanded universe card

By the way, what gun is that Bryar pistol?
The Bryar is the Kyle figure Bryar, with a different top color...
I didn't spend much time on this it was just a fun project, and I tried to find a Star Wars Saga trooper, but couldnt... so i had to use the ugly ass POTF2 stormie... I knew that hasbro wouldnt do any EU, but i though: What the heck How do you see the 2002 saga thingie?

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