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I got BFN (for N64 though) but I can still answer your question. If it's same as N64's version, you will get a secret level with all bronzes, a secret level with all silvers (in which there is a bonus to make cluster seeker torpedoes replace all homing torpedoes on the aircraft. This means instead of just clusters on 1 plane (like the V-wing) you get them on the N1 and Police Cruiser. Once you get all golds, you will unlock a level where you play as Darth Maul in the Infiltrator and you must destroy all Naboo forces such as speeders, N1s, and police cruisers. And finally, once you have all platinums (tremendously difficult, but I have them all) you get an AAT and Swamp Speeder. You know what the AAT is but a swamp speeder looks like the flash, but it is a boat. And its weapons are the same as the Gian speeder- two regular lasers, and a charge up heavy laser. Its a lot better then the trade federation gunboat- faster, more fire power, etc...
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