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well I cant say since I've never played the PC version, however i will say one thing. all you guys who are judging the game by the PC demo, definitely shouldn't. I never played the demo either, but I can only imagine what its like and it totally wont give you a good idea of the full game.

from what i'm aware, its just one level (right?) and if its the level i'm thinking of (neimoidian plunder) then you really need to play the full game, that one level with that crappy HEavy STAP doesnt do it justice.

on another note, ATATwar forgot to say something. also when you get all Gold medals, it unlocks the Sith Infiltrator.

in the PC version there are codes for all of that stuff (level unlocks, Sith Infiltrator, AAT, Swamp speeder, etc) but in the N64 version there's no codes for them. you gotta get them the honest way (all golds and/or all platinums).

well, later.

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