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*Raschel doesn't speak for a moment*

Raschel: I don't care what one of *you* have to say. I want to talk to Orthos. I can't help but wonder, if you creatures hadn't interfered in the first place, would any of this had happened?


*Marin feels as if she is floating in a fog, numb. Slowly the clouds clear, and her thoughts begin to attach themselves to each other again*

What's happening...why can't I feel anything...

*She moves one of the lava creature's enormous hands*

That doesn't make any sense...why am I made of r... *Suddenly her thoughts coalsce with sharp clarity* ...oh God, I'm still in morph!

*After a moment of blind panic, she focuses on a mental image of her own body, hoping it wasn't too late*

If I've been asleep over two hours...I'll be stuck coming, don't think that, concentrate...

*After a few seconds, the rock-hard pieces of her body begin to shift, creak and shrink. Slowly, over about a minute and a half, the dark color of dried lava on her skin changes to pale brown, her eyes change from red to chestnut, and the enormous creature she had become changes back to that of a small, mostly human girl*

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